Campfire Pop

by The Last Gold Leaf

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released October 1, 2012



all rights reserved


The Last Gold Leaf Minneapolis, Minnesota

music for people who know that life ain't always pretty. and that's what makes it beautiful.

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Track Name: I Won't Quit You
i need to apologize
for the way i've been feeling
i know you've been trying
but it still seems like you've missed the point
that i, i'll be here
for the day you forgive me

i just won't quit
i won't give in
until i feel like you can hear me
i'm on your side
i promised that i
i'd be here through whatever
so i won't quit

you tell me that if i had ever
felt like i should leave you
to tell you cause you shouldn't like to be with
somebody that didn't need you
well look me in the eyes
there's no goodbye
because i'm not leaving

no matter what you do
whomever you become
whatever you may say
i'll stay with you
Track Name: Who You Are
i’m searching for a place
to call my own

i’m mis-fit
i just don’t go
i’m on my own

all my life
i’ve believed

that there was no one
who could understand me

and somehow there you are
you smile like the sun
surround me like the stars

you love my broken heart
you think i’m beautiful
cause that’s just who you are

you take me under your wings
you teach me how to fly
you teach me how to sing

you’ve convinced me
that i am not the ugly duckling
Track Name: Many
many mountains have felt the rain fall down
many days have seen the sun go 'round
many songs have been sung across the midnight fire
many men have found their one dry summer spell
just to watch their love blow away

and how many more
till the mysterious night
you come to take me home?

many have found how faithless their lovers arms can feel
many know the hurt that brings you to your knees
many are the secrets we keep from the ones that we love

we know
we need to
forget to

we reap
what we sow
and so
we suffer

we paint
the window
of our hearts

cause the hope
of love
hurts more
than hopeless

and hopeless
we are
without you
Track Name: Try
summer rolls away
autumn comes to draw the shades
old man winter's lonely breath
has found its way upon my step

and what can i do?
what can i say?
how can i chase this feeling away?

if i'm not myself
i don't know why
if i asked for your help do you think you could

try for my heart
try for my heart
i'm falling apart

we've begun to change
what was once so good has turned to pain
my heart isn't where you left it last
i become afraid of walking back to you

and when like water
you flood my everything
and blood like fire
you rush to rescue me